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We all know that life can get hectic, especially around the holidays. Let introduce you to some great products which we are very thankful for because they make life easier!

Capabunga Wine Bottle Stopper

CapaBunga® Wine Stoppers were invented by two winery owners in Northern California’s Wine Country for use on their own wine! You get a set of two reusable silicone caps that quickly and securely reseal a bottle of wine. Once you remove the cork and reseal a wine bottle with a CapaBunga®, it is liquid tight and the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking.

CapaBunga® Silicone Wine Stoppers fit virtually every wine bottle.

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Electric Houdini Corkscrew

Houdini Electric Corkscrew

The Electric Houdini Corkscrew has a breakthrough design and affordable pricing to make other electric corkscrews seem obsolete! The Electric Houdini Corkscrew is an automatic corkscrew with built in foil cutter that pulls the cork out of a wine bottle with the push of a button. The Electric Houdini Corkscrew pulls 30 or more corks on a single charge and includes the AC charger.

Impress guests by effortlessly opening bottle after bottle without breaking a sweat.

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Oval buffet wine glass holder party plate

The Oval Buffet Plates are acrylic appetizer party plates with a wine glass holder. This oval wine glass holder cocktail party plate is a must-have at any gathering where guests will be standing, eating and drinking. The ingenious design allows you to firmly hold the plate and a stemmed wine glass in one hand. Unless you have 3 hands, this will make life a whole lot easier. Each party plate is 10″ x 7 1/2″ and has a holder for a wine or champagne glass. Set of 4.

“this is the greatest thing for parties and was made in the USA which is hard to find” – Thanks Patrick C!

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Stackable Plastic Wine Glass Set of 4

The Stackable Plastic Wine Glass Set of 4 are low profile wine glasses that stack on top of each other for bar, buffet or storage. These glasses are a perfect, low-cost solution to making sure you have enough wine glasses on hand for your holiday guests. The Stack Up Wine Glasses are made of BPA free MS Copolymer which has excellent transparency and durability. These wine glasses are top rack dishwasher safe and hold 12 ounces.

These Stackable Wine Glasses can be imprinted. Minimum order is 100 glasses – Stackable Wine Glasses with Custom Imprint.

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Wine Cooler Bag With Handles

Wine cooler bag with handles

The Wine Cooler Bag with Handle is both a wine chiller and an wine insulated tote. Put the Wine Cooler Bag in the freezer for 2-3 hours and it will keep wine cool for 1+ hours. The handle on the wine cooler bag allows you to pour the wine.

Fit for white and dessert wines, this freezer wine cooler bag is a practical and stylish BYOB favorite.

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Each month we find fun new wine accessories for you!

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Customised Aire Flexible Stemless Wine Glass

Custom Aire Flexible Stemless Wine Glass with Custom Imprint    $4.95 (Minimum order of 72)

The Custom Aire Flexible Wine Glass is a lightweight flexible and shatterproof stemless wine cup with your logo, making them perfect for picnics, beach trips, house parties, wine tastings and anywhere tipsy people gather. The Aire Flexible Wine Glasses will be imprinted with your name, logo or other graphic. Aire™ wine glasses are reusable, recyclable, and worry-free. You may never go back to glass!•

Flexible wine glasses imprinted with your logo are a great addition to wedding parties, wine tastings, beach parties, resorts, restaurants and more. Your guests will adore having a keepsake of their time with you in addition to the safety and worry-free enjoyment of their wine in this shatterproof wine glass! These flexible stemless wine glasses are BPA free and hold up to 16 oz.

You can also purchase a set of 2 Aire Flexible Stemless Wine Glasses without the custom imprint for $7.45.

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Stemless Acrylic Wine Glass Set in Jeweltone Colors

The beautiful Stemless Wine Glass Set in Jewel Tones is perfect for backyard parties and picnics since each stemless wine glass is virtually unbreakable. The perfect addition to any home the ultra-clear co-polyester stemless wine glasses look like glass but won’t shatter like glass. Set includes four stemless wine glasses in assorted jewel tones.

The Jewel Tone Stemless Wine Glasses Set are:



BPA free

18 oz. capacity


Hand wash

$30.00     $23.95

Save space with an Under Cabinet Wine Rack!

With the Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack, you can display and protect your fragile stemware. The Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack is an easy to install metal rack that attaches to the underside of a cabinet 10″ or wider and holds up to nine stemmed wine glasses.

The Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack:

Easily mounts to cabinet base

Stainless steel

$14.95 on Facebook

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Pop the cork with this vibrant Deluxe Wing Corkscrew!

Elixir Deluxe Wing Corkscrew makes removing the cork from any bottle of wine easy. Pop open a favorite wine bottle with this unique, modern corkscrew. The Elixir Deluxe Corkscrew’s sleek, all-black design creates a striking contrast against the vivid teal corkscrew worm.

Elixir Deluxe Wing Corkscrew Key Features:

  • Easy to use operation
  • Matte black finish
  • Vibrant teal accent

Elixir Deluxe Wing Corkscrews can be imprinted with a custom logo. Minimum order is 72 – Custom Deluxe Wing Corkscrew.


Shop cork holder cages at

Cork cages at

We’ve added new cork cages to our selection – these are a great way to corral your corks while turning them into an interesting display piece.

Our newest cork holders:

the Hen Cork Cage, $17.95

the Pig Cork Cage, $21.95

the “Beginner, Intermediate, Expert” Cork Collector Box, $29.95

Featured Products


Wino sippers stemless wine glass

Wine Sippers Wine Glasses come as a set of two unique wine glasses. Some call it genius. Others call it revolutionary. Personally, we think it’s modern man’s greatest stemless wine glass innovation. The brilliant Wino Sipper features a built-in glass straw, perfect for sipping your favorite wine. It’s compact design fits securely in the palm of your hand – No more losing your grip on fragile stemware! Thanks to the Wino Sipper, winos everywhere can drink with confidence again!

Set of 2 $23.95

“My niece prefers red wine over white but, on her wedding day, only drank white due to the photos being taken. If I’d known about wine sippers then, I would have given them to her to use at the wedding!” – Hedy C.

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