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We all know that life can get hectic, especially around the holidays. Let introduce you to some great products which we are very thankful for because they make life easier!

Capabunga Wine Bottle Stopper

CapaBunga® Wine Stoppers were invented by two winery owners in Northern California’s Wine Country for use on their own wine! You get a set of two reusable silicone caps that quickly and securely reseal a bottle of wine. Once you remove the cork and reseal a wine bottle with a CapaBunga®, it is liquid tight and the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking.

CapaBunga® Silicone Wine Stoppers fit virtually every wine bottle.

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Electric Houdini Corkscrew

Houdini Electric Corkscrew

The Electric Houdini Corkscrew has a breakthrough design and affordable pricing to make other electric corkscrews seem obsolete! The Electric Houdini Corkscrew is an automatic corkscrew with built in foil cutter that pulls the cork out of a wine bottle with the push of a button. The Electric Houdini Corkscrew pulls 30 or more corks on a single charge and includes the AC charger.

Impress guests by effortlessly opening bottle after bottle without breaking a sweat.

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Oval buffet wine glass holder party plate

The Oval Buffet Plates are acrylic appetizer party plates with a wine glass holder. This oval wine glass holder cocktail party plate is a must-have at any gathering where guests will be standing, eating and drinking. The ingenious design allows you to firmly hold the plate and a stemmed wine glass in one hand. Unless you have 3 hands, this will make life a whole lot easier. Each party plate is 10″ x 7 1/2″ and has a holder for a wine or champagne glass. Set of 4.

“this is the greatest thing for parties and was made in the USA which is hard to find” – Thanks Patrick C!

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Stackable Plastic Wine Glass Set of 4

The Stackable Plastic Wine Glass Set of 4 are low profile wine glasses that stack on top of each other for bar, buffet or storage. These glasses are a perfect, low-cost solution to making sure you have enough wine glasses on hand for your holiday guests. The Stack Up Wine Glasses are made of BPA free MS Copolymer which has excellent transparency and durability. These wine glasses are top rack dishwasher safe and hold 12 ounces.

These Stackable Wine Glasses can be imprinted. Minimum order is 100 glasses – Stackable Wine Glasses with Custom Imprint.

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Wine Cooler Bag With Handles

Wine cooler bag with handles

The Wine Cooler Bag with Handle is both a wine chiller and an wine insulated tote. Put the Wine Cooler Bag in the freezer for 2-3 hours and it will keep wine cool for 1+ hours. The handle on the wine cooler bag allows you to pour the wine.

Fit for white and dessert wines, this freezer wine cooler bag is a practical and stylish BYOB favorite.

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Blue Crab Jeweled Wine Glass
July 1, 2017
Wine Glasses  ♦  Aerators  ♦  Corkscrews  ♦  Decanters
Blue crab jeweled wine glass has a fabulous selection of new wine glasses!
Enjoy a glass of wine on the shore or bring a bit of shore living inland with our gorgeous new jeweled wine glasses! Whether you’re living the coastal lifestyle or wishing you were somewhere tropical, these 5 new jeweled wine glass styles capture the essence of the sea shore.
Seahorse Jeweled Wine Glass
Starfish Jeweled Wine Glass
Sea Turtle Jeweled Wine Glass
Palm Tree Jeweled Wine Glass
Dress up your elegant dining table with glasses from the beach collection. Going to visit someone in a warm climate? Going to dinner at someone’s house? These Jeweled Wine Glasses are perfect for hostess gifts, birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, beach lovers, weddings, and more. Choose from Blue Crab, Seahorse, Starfish, Sea Turtle, and Palm TreeMade in the USA!
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Refill pouch for Insulated Cork Wine Purse
New! Refill pouches for the Cork Insulated Wine Purse – When you need to replace the bladder that comes with the Cork Wine Purse, pour the drink of your choice into this refillable baggie, put in the Insulated Cork Wine Purse and go!
Cork Insulated Wine Purse
This Insulated Drink Purse includes a disposable 3 liter bladder with a spout so you could use it for a bottle of wine or your favorite drink. What looks like a cork handbag is actually an insulted wine drink purse that comfortably fits the bag from most boxes of wine. The Cork Drink Purse has an adjustable shoulder strap and a fully lined thermal insulated interior that will keep beverages cold for hours.
Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler with Two Custom Imprints
Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag with Custom Imprints is a strong and completely water-tight ice bucket ice bag. With the Ice Bag you simply drop in the bottle of wine you want chilled and fill out the bag with ice and water. The Ice Bag is portable with sturdy loop handles and collapses making it easy to store. The Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag is perfect for parties, picnics and restaurant service. This size will fit most wine bottles – 9 5/8″ tall x 4 5/8″ wide x 4″ deep. The Ice Bag is imprinted with your corporate name, logo or your own design on one side and a logo on the other side.
Art charges are included in the price and shipping is free.
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Frozen Beverages to Keep You Cool
Pine Colada Frozen Wine Drink Mix
Piña Colada Frozen Wine Drink is a frozen wine slush cocktail mix in a bag. To make a Piña Colada Frozen Wine Drink all you need is ice, wine and a blender and then you can relax and enjoy the sweet blend of pineapple and coconut. Mix the Piña Colada with Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, your favorite white wine or even rum. You can make non-alcoholic smoothies with fruit juice. The all natural mix contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Each mix makes approximately 72 oz or two blenders full! DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY ALCOHOL.
Courtney B says “Mixed easily, great flavor.
Thanks Courtney!
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VinoAir Wine Aerator and Wine Pourer
The VinOair is a pocket size wine aerator, wine pourer and wine drip stopper from Cork Pops. The VinOair functions not only as a wine aerator but also as a wine pourer and a wine drip stopper. The VinOair serves up a perfect pour, eliminates drips, and fully aerates and oxidates wine for maximum flavor and quality.The VinOair Wine Aerator pulls a 20 inch vacuum, twice the vacuum most wine aerators. The design of the VinOair allows you to put it in a wine bottle secured by the food grade rubber ring with an airtight seal. The aerator remains in the bottle so that with each pouring the wine is aerated without any drips when going from one glass to another! And the VinOair works with both red and white wines. Wine aerator measures 7 long.
The VinOair can be imprinted with a corporate name or logo. Minimum order is 144. Contact us for a price quote.
“Vinoair…Great product … That is why I ordered two more!!”
Great product!!
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