Cork insulated wine box purse

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Cork insulated wine box purse

Cork Insulated Wine Box Purse – $44.95

The Cork Insulated Wine Box Purse fits the liner from a box of wine and has an opening on the side for the spout to come through for handy serving. This insulated drink purse includes a bladder with a spout so you could also use it for a bottle of wine or your favorite drink. The pouring spout is concealed by an exterior flap until you are ready to party. What looks like a cork handbag is actually an insulted wine purse with adjustable shoulder strap that comfortably fits the bag from most boxes of wine. The Cork Drink Purse has a top zipper closure and a fully lined thermal insulated interior will keep beverages cold for hours. Your little secret stays just the right temperature until you’re ready to pour a glass!

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Collapsible Ice Bag Wine Cooler Tote – Keep your wine cool on the go!Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag

Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag is a strong and completely water-tight ice bucket ice bag. With the Ice Bag you simply drop in the bottle of wine you want chilled and fill out the bag with ice and water. The Ice Bag is portable with sturdy loop handles and collapses making it easy to store. The Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag is perfect for parties, picnics and restaurant service. This size will fit most wine bottles – 9 5/8″ tall x 4 5/8″ wide x 4″ deep.


Also available with a custom imprint in quantities of 72 – In two sizes:

Ice Bag Wine Cooler Tote for Wine/Champagne Bottles – $9.70 each


Ice Bag Wine Cooler Tote for Standard Wine Bottles – $7.95 each

Cost includes custom imprint, and free shipping on custom imprint orders! Perfect for weddings, resorts, or wineries!

Stemless Mardi Gras Wine Glass – Mardi Gras Celebration

This Mardi Gras Stemless Wine Glass is embellished with silver fleur de lis and colorful purple, gold and green enamel circles – the colors of New Orleans. The Mardi Gras Stemless Wine Glass holds 17 ounces of wine. When you want something truly special for Mardi Gras or to remember New Orleans, this wine glass is for you. Made in the USA. Hand wash only!

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.75″



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Marble Wine Bottle Stopper with Custom Image – Create A Beautiful Gift with Your Artwork!

The Custom Marble Wine Bottle Stopper comes with a 1 7/8″ x 3/4″ piece of cream tumbled Italian marble securely fastened on the top of the stopper. This wine bottle stopper is embellished with your logo on our custom marble wine bottle stopper! The imported tumbled natural Italian marble can be customized to suit your need, be it for a special event, a company gift, or a special occasion. The marble is securely fastened to our chrome-plated wine bottle stopper which has multiple suction rings creating a tight seal. Each bottle stopper is packaged and protected in its own presentation gift box. The price includes all art and imprinting charges and shipping is FREE!


Equestrian Stemless Wine Glass – For the Equestrian

This Equestrian Stemless Wine Glass is embellished with a silver horse jumper medallion. The Equestrian Stemless Wine Glass holds 17 ounces of wine. When you want something truly special for an equestrian or horse lover, this wine glass is for you. Made in the USA. Hand wash only.

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.75″


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Freezer Gel Wine Tote – Purple Vino Chill Deluxe

The Freezer Gel Wine Tote is both a wine chiller and an insulated tote. Put the Freezer Gel Wine Cooler Tote in the freezer for a few hours and it becomes a instant cooler for wine. The flexibility of the freezable VinoChill Wine Cooler Bag Deluxe, with purple gel cells on all four sides and flexible tubular handles, will adapt to the shape of your wine bottle. The cooling pockets of the Gel Wine Cooler Bag keep your wine chilled and dry. No need to add ice or water so no mess. You can even serve the wine without removing the bottle from the bag! The Gel Wine Cooler Bag is small and light and will protect your bottle when you travel.


“This product was delivered on-time and excellent condition. The bags worked out perfectly and kept the champagne at the cool temperature. Thank you for the great support and outstanding quality. I highly recommend this product.” – Joseph A

The Wine Bottle Candle and Chimney Set includes a tan ceramic wine bottle oil candle with wick and a glass chimney. With the Wine Bottle Oil Candle and Chimney Set you can turn a wine or Champagne bottle into an attractive oil candle. Fill a clean wine bottle with enough lamp oil to submerge the wick. Insert the wick into the bottle with the ceramic candle. The glass chimney fits on top and helps prevent smoking by reducing air movement around the flame. A 3/4 filled bottle can give up to 24 hours of candle light. The included wick is about 10″ long. You can also order Paraffin Lamp Oil for these wine bottle candles!

$10.00     $8.45

“Easy to convert wine bottles into everlasting memories :’)” – Dean G

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