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Hauntingly Fun Wine Accessories For Your Halloween Extravaganza!


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Complete your Halloween décor with accessories for your wine! Create a spooky scene with serving accessories and party pieces that will delight all of your favorite ghouls and goblins. To throw a fabulous Halloween bash, check out our Halloween Party Ideas and Accessories Pinterest Board!

Masquerade Wine Glass hand painted masquerade mask design

Masquerade Wine Glass (above)

The Masquerade Too Wine Glass features a hand painted masquerade mask design on a 15 ounce wine glass with a popular shape for either white or red wines. Masquerade Too is a festive wine glass for Halloween and looks very cool when filled with red wine to show through the eyes.

The retired collectible Masquerade Too Wine Glass is painstakingly hand painted in lavish detail and oven baked to ensure durability. Colors on the Masquerade Wine Glass are very bright and durable but the glass must be gently hand washed and dried. Each Masquerade Too Wine Glass is distinctly gift boxed and has a wine cocktail recipe on the bottom. Limited quantities. 5 star review

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Pick Your Poison Wine Tote Canvas Wine Bag
pick your poison wine gift bag and coasters

Pick Your Poison Wine Tote is a canvas wine bag with a playful take on traditional wine jargon! The Pick Your Poison Wine Bag is a printed heavy cotton canvas wine bag, 12″ tall and holds one bottle of wine. This clever wine bag is a chic way to gift your favorite bottle of wine to anyone with a sense of humor!

Pairs with Wine Coasters – Pick Your Poison.

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Vino Gondola Acrylic Wine Cooler – Clear

Vino Gondola Acrylic Wine Cooler - Clear

Vino Gondola Acrylic Wine Cooler – Clear 4 Bottles is the coolest beverage tub for keeping up to four bottles of wine chilled! Chill your Halloween wines, water bottles, or other beverages in this beautiful clear acrylic beverage tub. Also available in red acrylic – the perfect complement to your spooky soiree!

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Don’t Drink and Fly Halloween Wine GlassDon't Drink and Fly Insulated Halloween wine glass with straw

The Don’t Drink and Fly Halloween Wine Glass is a BPA-free plastic double-wall insulated wine glass with a black straw and lid, witch legs and a clever Halloween warning. The Don’t Drink and Fly Double Wall Acrylic Wine Glass is perfect for any Halloween event where you want something unbreakable. The orange and black double wall wine glass with snap on witch legs is an insulated wine glass to keep your wine cool longer and will not sweat, leaving your wine glass condensation-free. The Don’t Drink and Fly Acrylic Wine Glass holds 13 fluid ounces.

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Black Cat Halloween Wine Glass

Black Cat Wine Glass

The Black Cat Halloween Wine Glass is a playfully spooky wine glass that is perfect for Halloween. The Black Cat Wine Glass, with its silk screened black cat with arched back and wide eyes, adds intrigue to any Halloween gathering. The Black Cat Wine Glass holds 19 ounces of wine and is suitable for either red or white wine. Accent your home bar collection with these beautiful Black Cat Wine Glasses or give them as a gift to a friend. Dishwasher safe wine glasses. Also available in Black Cat Halloween Stemless Wine Glass

Made in USA


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Featured Products

Trick or Treat Halloween Wine Bottle Gift Tag

I Am The Treat Halloween wine bottle gift tag

I AM THE TREAT Wine Bottle Gift Tag


The Trick or Treat Halloween Wine Bottle Gift Card simplifies the wine gift giving process. The I am the Treat Wine Bottle Gift Card is made of heavy orange card stock and fits over a wine bottle neck for a flawless presentation of a Halloween wine gift. Give grownups a big kids treat this Halloween with this “I am the Treat” card. Simply write a personal greeting on the back of the Wine Wear card, place it over the neck of the wine bottle and instantly have a unique Halloween gift. Don’t give a bottle of wine away without “Dressing it for the Occasion.” This is a classy alternative to a wine gift bag if you want to be different.

Wine ‘n Dine Party Plate with Wine Glass Holder

Wine ‘n Dine Party Plates are a set of 4 black appetizer plates with wine glass holders

$17.95 set of 4

The Wine ‘n Dine Party Plates are a set of 4 black appetizer plates with wine glass holders. The Wine ‘n Dine Appetizer Plate is a convenient party plate designed to hold food and cradle a wine glass. These Party Plates are ideal for cocktail buffets, beach parties, wine tastings and even for a spooky Halloween party. Each 10 1/2″ x 7″ durable oval polypropylene plastic party plate has a thumb notch for convenience, a slot for your wine glass and a Wine & Dine label. Set of 4 black plates that you can mix and match with the red or the white plates. These plates are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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Copper Wine and Champagne Bucket

Essential Wine Tools for the Wine Lover has put together a list of our favorite must-have wine tools for maximum enjoyment of your wine hobby. Take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $45 and famously fast shipping to pick up one or two new pieces for your collection or to help a new oenophile get started on a fantastic wine journey

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Keep your wines and other beverages chilled in style with our wine chiller buckets. Wine cooler buckets are an essential accessory for party lovers and those who host frequent get-togethers. Wine buckets also make interesting display pieces for the quieter times, or keep a handful of water bottles on ice for summer picnics. From fancy copper, pewter, and nickel-plated aluminum wine buckets to easy care, fun acrylic styles and sleek, modern wine chillers, we have a very wide selection. Also look for our custom wine cooler that allows you to add your own logo in a custom medallion.

The Copper Wine & Champagne Party Bucket by Old River Road (shown) is an antique reproduction English style beverage tub that can hold several bottles of wine or champagne for a wedding, Christmas party or any other special event. This copper plated scalloped wine beverage tub features gorgeous lines infused with exquisite attention to detail and has two elaborate lion’s head handles. Sure to spark conversation, the Copper Wine & Champagne Party Bucket is an exceptional party beverage tub meant for entertaining, adding drama and luster instantaneously. Hand wash only. 13″ x 10.5″ x 8″.

“I just got my Copper Wine & Champagne Bucket & Party Bucket and I am very pleased. I got both the Champagne

Opening your wine is the first step! has a plethora of cork removal choices, but the most popular opener we sell is the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener. An inert gas gently expels the cork from the bottle without affecting the taste of the wine. One cartridge in the Cork Pops wine bottle opener will open between 60-80 bottles of wine. Pick up a two-pack of Cork Pops refill cartridges for continued ease in opening your bottles of wine!

We also sell the traditional waiter’s double hinged corkscrew and the winged corkscrew. You might also consider the Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew, another popular choice among wine lovers!

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Aerate your wine

Aerating is an important step in opening up any almost wine and allowing it to breath. Aerating a wine exposes the wine to oxygen, revealing the rich complexities and maximizing the flavor, aroma and smoothness of your favorite wines. carries a number of different styles of wine aerators.

We have aerators that coordinate with wine decanters to aerate an entire bottle of wine, to models that seat inside the wine bottle neck and aerate each serving of wine as you pour. We even have aerating wine glasses, so you can aerate as you mingle and sip!

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Decanting your wines

Decanting your wines can be beneficial in almost every situation, from casual sipping to socializing with friends. Decanting wines makes a wonderful presentation to your guests, while helping aerate the wine and removing sediment with careful pouring. Red wines in particular benefit from being decanted, as exposing the wine to oxygen softens the harsh tannins that develop during aging. In the case of screw top wines, decanting can also help remove gases that would normally escape through a more porous cork.

We have many types of decanters. Choose a stunning crystal decanter that feels lighter than air, or the traditional wine carafe used at many restaurants. We also carry an unusual orbital decanter that collects sediment, and an oval decanter that will highlight the color of your red wines beautifully.

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Saving your leftover wine

We were confused, too… leftover wine? What’s that?

It does happen that you’ll have some wine left in the bottle and will want to save it for another day. Our selection of wine preservers will hold your partial bottles of wine in suspended animation for a few days, protecting the flavor from too much oxygen. The Rabbit Wine and Champagne Sealer will also help seal in champagne bubbles. You might want to look into the Private Preserve Wine Preserver which protects your wine with a layer of inert gas.

From pump-type wine preservers that remove the air with a few hand pumps to electric preservers that remove air with the touch of a button, we have the solution that you will love to enjoy your wine day after day!

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VacuVin 7 Piece Wine Tool Kit

The VacuVin 7 Piece Wine Tool Kit set includes all the tools a wine lover needs to open, pour, chill, and save wine. The Vacu Vin Wine Set includes a Vacu Vin corkscrew twister, a Vacu Vin wine cooler, Vacu Vin wine saver with vacuum stoppers and Vacu Vin wine server crystal pourers. The VacuVin Wine Set is a complete toolkit for the wine lover.

$51.99      $44.95

“I have a VacuVin Wine Saver and use it frequently. I gave 2 of them as gifts and they were appreciated.” – Judith C

Don’t forget the glasses! The Burgundy Wine Glass Set is a set of two crystal wine glasses designed to bring out the best of a Burgundy wine. Rooted in centuries of Venetian glass making tradition, lead free crystal offers the purest, most elegant stemware experience available. Its perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and angles define this flawlessly crafted Burgundy wine glass and unites our crystal collection as a whole. Coordinates with the Angled Crystal Wine Decanter.


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