Cork Place Card Holder

Your Thanksgiving Table


It’s time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving table! Let help you set your style for a memorable holiday celebration. Or find some distinctive pieces to give as hostess gifts to show your gratitude. We have wine accessories and table accessories that are functional as well as beautiful.

Cork Place Card Holders

Set places at your Thanksgiving dinner with these adorable Cork Place Card Holders. This set of 4 sculpted resin place card holders look like real cork but are more sturdy and reliable. This place card set comes gift boxed and includes 8 blank place cards. They would also make a terrific gift for your favorite hostess!

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Arthur Court Table Serving Pieces

Arthur Court Grape Salad Set

Arthur Court Grape Salad Set

Dazzle your guests with stylish Arthur Court serving pieces. The bounty of California’s famous Napa wine region inspires Arthur Court’s classic Grape Collection. The decorative metal is manufactured using Arthur Court’s signature premium sand cast aluminum alloy. Grape Salad Set by Arthur Court includes 3 pieces – a 9 1/2″ grape design salad bowl and two salad servers. The salad bowl, with its square silhouette, has a mirror-like finish in the center and a raised intricate pattern of grape clusters on the edges making it a stunning piece.

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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas on Pinterest

Our Pinterest board Thanksgiving Table Ideas has some wonderful, fun tips for Thanksgiving themed decorating and wine accessories to make your meal feel elegant.

Orbital Wine Decanter Aerates as You Pour

Orbital Wine Decanter Aerates As You Pour

Orbital Wine Decanter

The Orbital Wine Decanter with Brushed Stainless Steel Base wine decanter brings an elegant touch to your Thanksgiving table. When the Orbital Wine Decanter is removed from its stainless steel base, the shape of the bottom of the Orbital Decanter allows it to roll gently from side to side to aerate the wine. The wine within is able to breathe while the sediment stays in the bottom. The Orbital Decanter also comes with a tight-fitting crystal stopper to prevent spills.

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govino acrylic stemless wine glass set of 4

Stock Up On Wine Glasses for Your Guests

The govino Stemless Wine Glasses are shatterproof, elegant, reusable and recyclable. The govino Stemless Wine Glasses are made of a BPA-free polymer that reflects the wine’s color and aromatics just like crystal. Featuring a thumb notch that makes swirling wine simple, these glasses are perfect for supplementing your regular glass set for big parties. Set of 4, 4.4″ tall, 16 ounce wine glasses. Hand wash only.

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5-star.jpgIt seems like every time we have a party, wine glasses and bottles are inevitably broken by the pool or somewhere on the deck or patio. Hopefully these cool little glasses will solve the problem. I love that there is an indentation in the side of the glass for thumbs. It helps to hold on to the glass when there is a lot of condensation on the outside of the glass.” – Ann D.

Click here for the govino Stemless Wine Glass set of 4 dishwasher safe glass, for easier cleaning!

Thanksgiving Hostess Ideas

Use the Liste de Vins wine bottle stopper display frame as a clever centerpiece displaying photos or your dinner menu with wine pairings at your Thanksgiving feast. The Wine List (Liste de Vins) Wine Bottle Stopper has double sided glass in the middle to hold your list of wines, menu, photo or anything else you choose. Fashioned from solid pewter and glass with a fully adjustable height (from 7″ to approximately 13″) and fitting in any standard wine bottle, this bottle stopper wine list or menu is the perfect hostess gift!

Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Glass Decals feature unique whimsical turkeys that instantly individualize Thanksgiving wine glasses. Make your Thanksgiving dinner table memorable with these turkey decals on your wine glasses. The Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Glass decals are removable, reusable self-adhesive vinyl decals that allow you to easily change the look of a wine glass. The decals are each 2″x2″ and come in a sheet of 9 assorted colors. How fun is this!

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Acrylic Wine Glass is a BPA-free acrylic insulated wine glass with a brown straw and lid and a Thanksgiving message. The Give Thanks Drink Wine Thanksgiving Double Wall Acrylic Wine Glass is perfect for any Thanksgiving event where you want something unbreakable. The double wall wine glass is an insulated wine glass to keep your wine cool longer and will not sweat, leaving your wine glass condensation-free. The Give Thanks Drink Wine Thanksgiving Acrylic Wine Glass holds 13 fluid ounces.

The Turkey Wine Glass features a hand painted turkey with his feathers colorfully displayed on the wine glass. The Turkey Wine Glass is a perfect for a turkey dinner any time but especially at Thanksgiving. Oh and might there be a Virginia Tech Hokies fan in the crowd? The 14 ounce Turkey Wine Glass comes in lead free glass. The artist resides in Florida and hand paints each glass individually in exceptional detail so no two are absolutely identical. Although the paint is durable and baked in, we recommend hand washing these wine glasses.

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Shell wine glass holder buffet plates

Easy Prep Summer Meals

In the heat of the summer, make cooking less of a chore with quick, sophisticated meals that complement your favorite wines!

Round Slate Cheese Board

Planning and cooking a large meal in the summer is no fun – extra activities and elevated temperatures make regular meal planning a difficult chore. has found a few fun, easy recipes that will satisfy your meal requirements and allow to have that extra bit of fun on your summer days!

The Round Slate Cheese Board, made of slate stone, is the perfect way to serve wine and cheese at your next event. Use the Slate Cheese Board like a chalkboard writing the name of the cheeses you are serving or a note to your guests on the 12.5″ round slate stone board. The Slate Cheese Board Set also includes two pieces of food safe, washable soapstone chalk. Chill the slate cheese board in your refrigerator before serving to help keep your foods cool. Serve up a tasty antipasti tray on this versatile slate cheese board!

This Prosciutto Burrata Asparagus Salad is amazingly simple and covers all four food groups! It will be quick to throw together – making it a perfect meal! This meal would look lovely served on the Wine ‘n Shell Party Plates – hold your wine glass and your plate with meal in one hand!

Set of 4 $19.95

Roman Grape Bowl by Arthur Court

Serve up an amazing One Pot Tomato Pasta in style in this Roman Grape Bowl by Arthur Court. The Roman Grape 13.5″ bowl is a magnificent serving bowl for any formal dining affair, or for feeling extravagant on a summer evening. A bold grape cluster adorns this versatile, highly polished Roman Grape Bowl. This Arthur Court bowl’s brilliant luster captures the elegance of antique silver but is actually made of hand-polished aluminum, which is much easier to maintain. The Arthur Court Roman Bowl, both beautiful and functional, is perfect for entertaining and makes a great wedding gift. Coordinates with other Arthur Court Roman Grape serving and accent pieces.

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Check out this lovely Grilled Chicken Caprese dish! Using garden fresh tomatoes and basil, and fresh mozzarella, you can turn ordinary seasoned grilled chicken into a dish pretty enough for company!

Serve up a tasty summer sangria in this glass Wine Carafe from Oenophilia. Using fresh berries and bright Moscato you can create a refreshing summer beverage for your guests, or for indulging yourself!


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Featured Products

Backyard BBQ Acrylic Wine Glasses

$20.00     $17.95

The Backyard BBQ Acrylic Wine Glasses are:

  • 100% acrylic wine glasses with the back yard barbeque design
  • Two 16 oz. glasses per set
  • Perfect for parties, dinners, by the pool, at the beach, outdoor events and more
  • No potential for broken glass
  • Great value – economical alternative to permanent ware
  • BPA free

Bamboo Salad Hands


Bamboo Salad Hands – Grapes are salad hands that fit comfortably in your hand and make serving your favorite salads fun. The chrome-plated top of the bamboo salad hands have a beautiful grape cluster adding just the right touch. Eco-conscious, durable bamboo hands fit your hands for tossing and serving a salad or a snack. The Grapes Bamboo Salad Hands by Thirstystone are ecologically smart and aesthetically pleasing making a great gift for a wine lover.

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Wine By-The-Glass Decanting

Wine needs to react with air to reveal its fullest flavor and bouquet – that is why most fine wines are decanted. Often people want to have the benefit of decanting a glass of wine without having to decant the entire bottle of wine. There are two excellent by-the glass wine aeration options available. Both use the Bernoulli effect to draw air flow into the apparatus and release the wine into the glass delivering wine that has been aereated.  Bernoulli’s principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. When wine is poured through these devices an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure is produced.  This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.

The most well known and popular by-the -glass decanter is the Vinturi Wine Aerator. The New York Times said, “If you hate to wait for a wine to breath, you’re in for a treat: the Vinturi Wine Aerator. With this handy device, you can insert air into the wine in a matter of mere moments.”  In an independent double blind tasting conducted by Vinquiry Analytics in Napa CA, it was noted that “The same bottle of wine treated with Vinturi was higher in overall flavor intensity and mouthfeel…higher in red color intensity and overall aroma intensity…more true to type and of higher quality.”

Franmara has just released the new DECANTUS Wine Decanting System. They feel that this is a better product than the Vinturi due to the improved design. The wider opening on top and larger liquid capacity of the top reservoir bowl makes pouring into the DECANTUS much easier than with the Vinturi. Wine travels faster through the DECANTUS without a whirlpool effect because of the vertical planar insert. The “froth” from the DECANTUS has fine bubbles giving smoother aeration than any other aerator on the market. The DECANTUS Deluxe has two handles for easy handling while pouring.  A Table Stand is also available and provides a hands-free platform for pouring wine through the DECANTUS Deluxe.

Which ever model you choose, the Vinturi or the DECANTUS, you are sure to get greater value and enjoyment from your next bottle of wine.

Wine Decanting

Why Do We Decant Wine?

1. Old wines that have been cellared properly will contain sediment due to the aging process. By properly decanting the wine, the sediment will remain in the wine bottle, not in your glass. For old wines with sediment one needs to be very diligent about pouring the wine into a decanter. The sediment needs to settle to the bottom of the wine bottle before the decanting process begins.

2. Young full-bodied red wines can benefit from decanting. When the wine comes in contact with oxygen, the aromas present in the wine are released.  The perfect decanter for a young red wine should provide a lot of surface area for oxygen to interact with the wine allowing aromas from the wine to be released. Wine decanting funnels are also useful for dispersing the wine as it is poured into the decanter. And a very interesting new product is the Vinturi, a single glass wine aerator. Simply hold Vinturi over a glass and pour wine through. Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly.

3. The presentation of wine in a beautiful decanter adds to the ambience of a beautifully set table and prepared dinner. For a large dinner party matching decanters make a stunning presentation. From the classic to the unique, wine decanters are a must for every wine lover.